Thinking Plainly Authors

Dear all,

Let me introduce you to the writers working with Thinking Plainly.

Rufus Garlic

Rufus is the author of novel, 'The Disappearance Club or A Polish Detective in London' and several short stories. His novel is a mystery/thriller, confronting hidden pasts and the implications of the decisions we take when under extreme pressure and how those moments can stay with us - or chase us - our whole lives. In contrast, his short stories are humorous tales covering colonial India, family feuds and dastardly revenge...

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Alfred Duff

Alfred is currently working on 'The Warspite Series' a fantasy epic not for weak of heart. The first two novellas, 'The Godling' and 'The Witch and the Dark Arts' will shortly be joined by the third in the series as well as stand alone short stories covering episodes from some of the main characters. Alfred creates a harsh world full of violent battles, sorcery and witchcraft, power struggles and a search for destiny... be warned.

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