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I don't use Facebook a whole lot at the moment so sorry for not posting regularly. Please feel free to get in touch by sending me a message or sending me your own pages to check out.




I use Twitter much more frequently and share things I like on there so I hope you find interesting links and tweets. I try my best to follow back as quickly as I can so I look forward to following your tweets.




This platform seems to be more popular outside of the UK but I enjoy using it and I find it easy to look through other people's posts and read news from companies or find out about events. I share here a lot too and again, try to follow back.




I started using Pinterest very early on and found it a really interesting site. It has grown hugely since then and has been plagued by spam accounts like all social media platforms but once you get past that you can find some really interesting content. My page has somehow attracted over 40,000 followers now and the main board (Bookshelves & Reading Places) has hundred of people contributing and there are amazing and beautiful images of every reading place imaginable. I hope you enjoy the boards and if you would like to be invited to pin on them please send me a message either on here or on Pinterest. 




I don't use LinkedIn a huge amount because is is primarily a networking site for professionals... and I do not consider myself a professional, yet! However, I don't mean that in the sense I don't work hard, or network, or build up contacts, of course I do. What I mean is that both my personal profile and my company page are there to share information and content, rather than fill vacancies or hire analysts. Do feel free to connect with me using my business email and when the time is right for me to grow the company and utilise the many resources it has, I look forward to seeing how we can work together. 




This is one of many projects that I have had to put on hold for a little while BUT I will be back soon! I have lots of ideas for video series but it's all a matter of timing, resources, finances and (my talent)... please do subscribe and I hope you enjoy the future projects (and let me know your thoughts and suggestions!)