My Interests

Dear all, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my interests. I'll be building this page up over time...


I am fascinated by the rise and potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I am a total layperson however so it is purely a cultural interest as opposed to being technically knowledgable. When I first became aware of this subject, I think through watching a television programme on Bitcoin, I was unable to grasp what it was all about. I think it is a very difficult subject for people to get a good handle on because as soon as you start to learn more, perhaps by watching some YouTube videos, or reading articles on the subject, it can go from 0 to 100, or basics concepts to ridiculous level computing terminology, in seconds and it can put you off. Over the years there have been much better presentations of the subject matter and although I still can't claim to know anything more than the basic principles, it is those basic principles that became more and more important. If you want to learn about the security aspects i.e. the crypto part; encryption, anonymity, ledgers, then good luck to you, the same goes for mining... but behind the technology is the fundamental idea that by allowing peer to peer transactions that are recorded in a public ledger you take away the need for a central bank which in turn removes the need for a central bureaucracy that can 'control' you. Now that may sound very counter culture and dangerous to some and there is no point denying those concerns because we are very entrenched in a certain way of thinking and it is difficult to let some concepts go. For me, there is a much wider ideal that seems to suggest that we can empower all cultures and peoples of the world and include them in a worldwide transaction system that doesn't penalise, unfairly dominate, constrain and a number of other 'controlling' factors that have led the world to be in such a divided and incredibly unfair situation where we have the extremes of rich and poor. Again, that sounds very 'hippieish' because I am a layperson and cannot describe the amazing technology being developed to support crypto and blockchain projects that are already changing the way we bank. The arguments about the dangers of crypto and an unregulated financial sector for me don't go very far considering the fraud and criminality that already exists and has got away with robbing people for decades although it will be foolish to dismiss them and I admit I don't know enough to get into an argument about it!

The below charts are embedded from a website named and highlight the current price of four coins, Bitcoin, Startcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. 

If you would like to find out more about Cryptocurrencies then to start with you could visit the Bitcoin website and watch their tutorials: 


If you are like me and enjoy listening to people while you may be on the bus or at the gym, etc. then podcasts have been extremely popular recently and there are thousands to choose from. I'll give you a few links here as examples of some I listen to (I use Apple iTunes and Soundcloud mainly) 

The Self Publishers Podcast:

Writers on Writing:

The Author's Voice:

Literature & History:

Slate's Audio Book Club:

Selected Shorts:

The New Yorker Radio Hour:

The Lit Show:

The Guardian Books Podcast:

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So Many Damn Books: