Google Photospheres

Google Photospheres is a tool that you can use from your smartphone (in my case, but you can purchase specially designed - expensive - cameras too) to create 360 images. I have a new phone now but my previous one took a battering over the years so some of the Photospheres are not as good as they could be. Some have not stitched together well but at least it shows you the possibilities. I would like to purchase a 360 camera at some point but it may be a while yet...

I think they are a nice way of sharing with you some of the locations that are important in my life and also, serve as either direct reference, or perhaps just inspire, locations in my stories...

I will embed new ones here from time to time but if you would like to see my profile page on Google Maps (Street View) then you can visit the page here.



Ben Nevis

I was part of a charity walk in 2015 spending a weekend in Scotland raising money by traversing the mountain Ben Nevis, which has the highest point in the UK. It was a great experience, allowed for some nice views (as we reached the peak the clouds parted and we luckily had thirty minutes of clear sky!) and of course, importantly, raised money for the charity For Jimmy:



I lived in Spain throughout 2014 and what a wonderful time it was. I have blogged about it before so won't go on now but in short I made some great friends, saw some beautiful places and learnt a lot about myself.